The Treatment

Natural treatment of painful blockages

Prehistory is important

Initially I am interested in what the appropriate x-rays (if available) show. Here I will see whether the problems in the individual vertebra segment are reflected on the X-rays. I begin to palpate the vertebrae as these in almost all cases are sensitive to the touch at certain points of irritation.

Specific treatment

Then I begin a patient-specific treatment of the vertebrae segment (keeping in mind the condition of spine, vessels, spinal disks, and others as well as the patient's prior history), with the aim to treat possible distant blockages also e.g. pelvic obliquities, scoliosis, previous whiplash etc.

Examples of seemingly groundless pain

headaches may be caused by pelvic obliquity (iliosacral joint), a severe lack of appetite by pelvic obliquity and a blockage of the thoracic spine, or "old" whiplash of the cervical spine may cause headaches even five to ten years later.