A brief history of chiropractic

Slightly more than 100 years ago

the American Daniel David Palmer founded chiropractic and since 1897 studies are offered at colleges ending with the degree of Doctor of Chiropractics (DC).

Already known in Ancient Times

Even Hippokrates researched and taught scientific methods of healing, surgery and drug-induced medicine as well as rachio therapy (rachis in Greek = spine) that nowadays is known under the name of chiropractic.

Chiropractic was used by the Egyptians, Indians and the "Travelling People" (Sinti/Roma).

To treat by hand...

...is the real meaning of chiropractic and its purpose is to relieve joint blockages of the spine.

These blockages may be responsible for muscle tension and pain, but also for other problems, such as headaches, dizziness and numbness.

The chiropractic manoeuvre sends a relaxing patients-specific impulse to the vertebra joints as well as the inverted tendons and muscles.