Unrestricted range of motion -
Interrupt chronic processes

The majority of patients visit my practice because they no longer want to get injections or take medication for pain relief, they are searching for an alternative after numerous conventional treatments without marked improvement or no one has been able to provide a satisfactory explanation for the cause of their pain.

I have dedicated myself to the subject of chiropractic in order to help individuals who suffer from pain.

As a result of continuous awkward activity (sitting, incorrect bending down, unbalanced posture, monotonous process of motion etc.) the musculoskeletal system can be affected over the course of time.
The continuous physical strain that occurs will frequently lead to damage of the skeleton particularly the spine and thus not rarely to permanent pain.

The American Technique

As a careful and gentle method to help the patients and in order to bring the musculoskeletal system back to its natural position I apply the USA or also called American Technique, which so far has been rarely used in Germany.

The Treatment

Natural treatment of painful blockages,
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Special aspects of my techniques.


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