Particulars of my techniques

The American School of Chiropractic has developed very specific methods of treatment which make it possible to influence the individual vertebrae segments that emit a stimulus to the surrounding area.

These techniques do not know any "wearing out" of the ligament and connective tissue system as often stated under German techniques of chiropractic. The underlying technique of the American school, treats each individual vertebra. Instead of "twisting" the entire body individual vertebra segments are moved in a specific manner and brought back to their original position.

Among others I also treat the following complaints:

Damages resulting from herniated disks, e.g. arching forward or disk extrusions (prolapse) at the cervical and lumbar spine
Sciatica and lumbago
Headaches and migraine
Breathing problems
Heart problems caused by nerve irritations of the thoracic spine.
Problems in the shoulder, arms and hands (e.g. pain, tingling, numbness)
Degenerative spine syndrome (if treatable)
Bedwetting by children (enuresis)

Furthermore many illnesses resulting from nerve irritations to the spine.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, I will be pleased to advise you accordingly.